About us

The Tramclub Basel TCB was founded in 1968 by a group who set out to preserve the historical trams and record as much as possible of what remained from an earlier age.

At this time the tramway scene of the past was rapidly disappearing and being replaced by modern vehicles. Since that time, the number of preserved trams has grown steadily, despite fire losses, scrappings and divestments.

The Association has continually evolved and now numbers about 380 members. It is politically, economically and religiously neutral. The Tramclub Basel TCB is a nonprofit organization.

Fotoshooting in depot Wiesenplatz. Foto: Guido Studer


  • Permanent commitment to preserve current and future trams
  • Permanent commitment to set-up a museum
  • Store own vehicles safely
  • Permanent expansion of spare parts for historical trams
  • Operation of museum lines for the public as well as the official city tours
  • Permanent expansion of the archives with original tramway documents and material
  • Publication of books and writing on public transport
  • Organization of study trips abroad as well as in Switzerland